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Yearly membership currently costs $40per individual, $22for a spouse (Familaire/Spouse/Partner Membership) and $22 for student membership. There is a $8 first time initiation fee that covers a membership book and administrative expenses. This expense will easily be justified the first day the traveler seeks the delights of the mountains of Italy.

Add $40.00 if you also want to receive the CAI Italian magazines. Lo Scarpone (the boot) is a monthly magazine, La Rivista del CAI" is a bimonthly magazine.

For membership information, contact: Florence Burnett at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Yearly membership cost examples for new members and renewal for current memberships




Individual & Spouse


Young Adult (born 1993-2000)


Youth (born after 2000)





Individual & Spouse


Young Adult (born 1993 - 2000)


Youth (born after 2000)


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Last Updated: 13 June2018 



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